It is difficult to explain the fact that Isaac Newton will be able to explain the origin of the tides, considering that he never walked the coast in his entire life.

Today we explain to you why the tides and how not only the Moon influences them. The Sun also, although to a lesser extent, influences the Earth’s tides. There are usually two high tides and two low tides on a lunar day, taking into account that the lunar day is 24 hours and 50 minutes.

It should be noted that every 18 years the so-called “super tide” occurs. The last one, in March 2015, caused sea levels to rise more than 10 meters in some parts of the planet. We will have to wait until March 2033 for it to happen again.


  • High tide (high tide). Ideal time for fishing from the coast. This is not because the force of the sea “pushes the fish”, but the fact that the seabed near the shore churns and floats food for the fish.
  • Low tide (low tide). Virtually every great fisherman agrees that it is the hardest time of fishing.
  • Spring tides. These tides frequently cause currents that make sea fishing more complicated.
  • Dead tides. It is the preferred time for sea fishing because the movements of the fish is less.

From Tabarbus we echo the famous saying “to the sea, respect and knowledge”. The tides, being predictable, you just have to know them and not venture into marine activities without enough experience. If you want to go to Tabarca, with us you do not fail.

Enjoy with us not only Tabarca but also the round trip. An incredible contact with the sea that you will never forget.

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