Surely if you have heard about the wonderful island of Tabarca you will also have heard something about how well you eat in this place.

Although it is true that in it you can find dishes as typical as black rice or paella, the most traditional récipe, that you will not taste it better than on this island, is the cauldron.

If you are not from the province of Alicante, you may not know what dish we are talking about, but we only say that: if the people of Alicante visit the island of Tabarca once a year just to enjoy the cauldron… Surely it has to be awesome!

You can try the cauldron in many restaurants in Alicante, and you may also get to taste it, but surely you will not enjoy it more than on our little island.

What more could you ask for than enjoying a good cauldron looking at the crystaline waters of the island of Tabarca?

Surely after reading all this, you are very curious to know what is the famous cauldron. Do not worry, we’re going to tell you!

The cauldron,  the most typical flavor of Tabarca

It receives this name for the container with which it was made, and in which it is still made. This recipe is much more than a fish rice, as it is characterized by the intense flavor it has.

It is a dish of rice very typical of the area of ​​Alicante, specifically the island of Tabarca, which began to elaborate the sailors on their boats with the small fishes that did not sell.

It was such a delicious meal, when they arrived at their home on the island of Tabarca, they wanted to cook it so that everyone they knew could taste it and, as usual, this recipe spread all over the place until it arrived to the restaurants.

The cauldron, quickly went from being a humble dish, although extremely tasty, to be served in some of the best restaurants in the province of Alicante.

Therefore, you can find this dish in the manu of many of them, but … What place could be better to try it on the island where it was created?

This is because, in the restaurants of the island of Tabarca, the daily routine is to start early to prepare the fire and make this dish, which is exquisite.

If some day you travel to the province of Alicante, or simply want to go from Santa Pola to the island of Tabarca to taste a good dish of traditional cauldron, do not hesitate to contact us.

In Tabarbus we want to transport you with our Boat-bus to enjoy the natural beauty of Tabarca. You just have to contact us and we will wait for you at the Santa Pola Pier!

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