The island of Tabarca is one of the most recommended places to visit during the summer, especially for the large number of incentives offered for any kind of traveler. One of those attractions are the beaches of Tabarca, not as big as those that can be found in the rest of the Levante coast, but highly recommended to visit.

Beaches of Tabarca, essential in summer

After taking the boat to Tabarca and knowing many of the attractions offers this destination, the beaches are one of the places to visit. In fact, the quality of the water and its temperature during the summer invite you to take a dip and enjoy another way of knowing this island of the Valencian Community.

The island of Tabarca has 1,400 hectares of Marine Reserve that surrounds the island and splashing all its coast we can find a large number of small coves and rocky areas where you can relax, sunbathe, take a dip, snorkel or just enjoy a beautiful sunset.

You should not forget the towel, the sunscreen creams and the glasses and the snorkel tube, because when you see the beaches that this destination has, you will not want to do anything else, just disconnect and enjoy the pleasant moments they can provide.

In addition to the many coves and coastal spaces, Tabarca has a main beach. It is not very big, given that it has approximately 200 meters and, in addition to stones, it also has sand. Given its character as a main beach, it is the one with the highest influx of people, especially during the summer months, so, if you want to have a good place on the main beach, you will have to get up early to get it.

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