The nights of June 23 are among the shortest of the year but also one of the most intense in the summer. Alicante’s beaches are filled with visitors to enjoy with family and friends, and pay homage to the fire.

The celebrations of the night of San Juan have a pagan origin and it was sought to give strength to the star king with bonfires, since the days begin to lengthen from June 21. In fact it is the birth of Saint John the Baptist on June 24, which is really celebrated this day.

Saint John’s nights in Tabarca are special. Enjoying the fire on our island paradise is a unique experience. In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve the environment so that tonight does not leave the beaches dirty.

There are many myths and legends attributed to fire tonight, but we highlight the 5 most widespread.


  • Jumping fire will bring good luck. That’s right, tonight the bonfire must be skipped so that luck is with us until next year.

In Alicante, which is his big day, 7 jumps are the ones that will attract luck. In other parts of Spain it is tradition 9 jumps, but in one way or another “you have to jump”.

  • A must swim in the sea. The night of San Juan is not complete if you do not bathe in the sea in search of health. Don’t forget that you have to attack 9 waves from behind to be faithful to tradition.
  • Wash your face on the shore with sea water. Beauty will accompany you following this ritual, which is especially widespread on the Andalusian coast.
  • It is a night to collect medicinal herbs. It is customary in many places in Spain to go out in the middle of the night in search of medicinal herbs. Tradition has it that herbs have extra powers tonight that you have to harness.
  • Attract love on the night of San Juan. The night of San Juan will help you get or keep the love of a person.

Legend has it that you should sleep with the name of your beloved, written on a paper, under your pillow. You must accompany the paper with the burned wax of two red candles.

There are many other rituals, but what is clear is that the night of San Juan is the most special in Alicante and the province.

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